I’m English but have lived in the US since 2000 - I initially left Old England for Philadelphia in 2000 & returned “home” after 4 years, but realized that it wasn’t home anymore. Within a year I had returned here, this time to Massachusetts. New England suits me well for many reasons - the climate is perfect for me, & the region is just fabulous - I love Newport, RI in particular.

I love my work, but I love my free time even more - Photography is my main hobby & I love exploring places & dragging my camera along.

I love sports - baseball, hockey & soccer especially, but I've never acclimatized to American football - I just don't understand it!

In my free time I do some volunteer work - my main focus is the USO, but I also help with some other military support organizations too. Volunteering might just be the single, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. If you’ve ever considered it in any capacity, but not yet managed to get around to it, I can highly recommend the experience.