Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Natives Are Revolting

I want to share some photos from a visit we made in mid-October to Andersonville, GA. We spent the afternoon at Andersonville’s National Historic Site - or Camp Sumpter, the Confederate Prisoner of War Camp during Civil War times. It’s an amazing place to visit, & not only hosts the POW Camp, but also the National POW Museum, as well as the Andersonville National Cemetery.  

It was very awe-inspiring, especially thinking that it’s the final resting place for almost 13,000 Union soldiers who were imprisoned there during the war. Another place that I’d highly recommend visiting if you are in the area.

The little town of Andersonville itself, just a bit away from the site, is worth a visit too - quite quaint! They do have a store there that has some wonderful ice cream as well - great on a sunny day, especially when you want to lighten your spirits a bit after some heavy-hitting history.

I'd recommend devoting a whole day to visit Andersonville if possible - best to have extra time available to you than be rushing through it at the end of the day. The POW Museum alone is so intriguing - I don't feel that I spent enough time there. It's a fascinating place.

Outside the POW Museum

Some amazing scenes from the Camp itself. 
Can you imagine being imprisoned somewhere like this for so long?

The National Cemetery

Time for a little post-ice cream light-heartedness in Andersonville town itself!


It's a Dog Tag Wife Life said...

I love the picture with the flower and the grave. It has a really great dichotomy and is so beautiful.

Nicky said...

Thanks! The cemetery was mesmerizing - seeing the rows & rows of headstones was beyond comprehension. I can't imagine how I feel when I see Arlington National Cemetery.

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