Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Truffle Hound

On Sunday I cooked dinner for 2 dear friends, a married couple, who are leaving me this coming weekend as they move south on a new venture - leaving MA for new jobs in GA. I'd been promising them for ages that I'd cook haggis, so it was now or never! 

I spent a lot of time living in different parts of Scotland throughout my working life back in the UK, & I love all things Scottish - including haggis! A few years back I discovered a company, in Texas of all places, that sells canned haggis, & they have a convenient online ordering system too. 

I was a bit skeptical at first - dodgy enough risking buying haggis outside of Scotland anyway, but to order the canned stuff too. I was certainly taking risks at this stage. You can get a spectrum of haggis that ranges from "awful" to "fantastic" haggis, but let me tell you that this stuff from Texas is very fine indeed! I was just amazed at how good it was when I first ordered it a few years back, & I've used the same company multiple times now - it's been consistently good.  My friends loved their "haggis, neeps & tatties" dinner anyway, it was a big hit!

I also made some chocolate truffles for dessert & I thought I'd share the recipe with you - it's very simple, just how I like my recipes. I made way too many - I ended up packing most of them up to send in a care package to M. Naturally I saved a handful for me though! 

These are amazingly tasty treats for such a simple recipe.


annoyed army wife said...

Yum! Those truffles sounds fabulous!

Anonymous said... risk of sounding like the uncultured American...what is haggis?

Nicky said...

Hehe! Jessica, it's a Scottish "delicacy" - I think the closest equivalent here by way of consistency at least, would be meatloaf. Check out this link:

annoyed army wife said...

My dear Nicky you have to seriously consider connecting an email address to your blogger profile, if only to receieve responses from yours truly. Email me if you need help. And thank you for your compliments on my last post! Especially about the dress. My mom and I designed and made my dress, so it's really special to me. And I'm still recovering from sewing on over 10,000 beads. Yes, I'm psycho.

It's a Dog Tag Wife Life said...

Haha, AAW I was going to say the same thing. I found instructions for adding an e-mail address.

I want to ask Nicky a question, but not for the whole world to see :-)

Nicky said...

Hehe! OK ladies, I've hopefully checked all the correct boxes to enable an email address option here! Thanks for the link DTW! Let me know if it still doesn't work!

Uncork and Unwined said...

Hello! I just found your blog through a favorite of mine- It's a Dog Tag Wife Life, and Im so glad I did! Your story of how you met your boyfriend was so sweet!

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Oh hooray! I'm totally ordering husband some of this... he interned for Parliament in Edinburgh and I've heard him talk about it.

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