Friday, December 3, 2010

Take Two

After such a wonderful first weekend together, we’d decided to have a re-run the following weekend. In the middle, I was across the country in Iowa all week for a meeting, but we talked often, & both really enjoyed catching up a lot throughout each day.
My meeting ended on Friday October 1st & I headed back to Columbus, & this time it was M’s turn to meet me at the airport! I have to admit that I really enjoyed that bit - seeing him waiting at the bottom of the stairs wearing his uniform and a big smile was priceless. He took me out for a lovely dinner that evening, & we pretty much continued the weekend where we’d ended the previous one!
On the Saturday we met up with some of his friends for lunch as well as a wander around the Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus - another really interesting place with lots of cool Civil War history. Definitely worth a visit if you’re down that way (although I know not everyone is a history fan like me!). I do enjoy all kinds of stuff like that, so I’m usually very easily amused wherever I go, provided there is something historical to see.

M had also just moved into his new apartment midweek, so we spent a little time ferrying things out there that he needed & getting it a little more user-friendly for him. Overall I think his favorite new toy was the enormous LED TV that he bought over the weekend though!  

We spent some of the evenings with a bottle of wine & some travel brochures - the start of some research into a trip to New Zealand that we’re hoping to take in January. We'd actually started talking about this trip back in the summer when we were having our phone dates while he was deployed. Visiting that part of the world has always been top of my list for "far away travel", and I discovered that M was also very keen to head out that way when he returned from his deployment. Somewhere along the line we came to the decision that we'd travel there together, probably in the New Year.

I suppose he further confirmed for me that he is a man of his word when he presented me with a bunch of travel brochures he'd collected before I arrived that weekend!


Anonymous said...

I hope y'all do make it to New Zealand! I can't wait to see the photos!

annoyed army wife said...

Oh, I love this man! Travel brochures? Love it!

Natalia said...

Check out my other Blog from when I lived in New Zealand, I have lots of info there!

Nicky said...

Natalia, thanks for your comments! And thanks too for the link to your NZ adventures - how fabulous! It sounds like it was a great experience being there for the year. Loved the photos especially - already I've spotted your comments about Queenstown and Dunedin where you lived - we'll be going to both places during our travels. We fly out on Friday!

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